Mission Statement

Real people serving a real risen Jesus!

Feeding Vancouver's hungry with spiritual and physical food

The Gospel Mission is located in the downtown east-side of Vancouver and is the oldest mission in the city and the oldest in Canada. It has been in operation  since 1929 and has been at it's present location since the 1940's.


  • Gospel Mission, hosted in The Door Is Open, 255 Dunlevy Avenue. V6A 3A5 Vancouver, BC


Mailing Address:

Gospel Mission Society
PO Box 98802 The W PO
Vancouver, BC V6B 0M4


Worship Service @ 2pm

Outreach One @ 7pm
Meal served


Upper room corporate prayer
Prayer night @ 7pm

Open Heaven @ 7pm
Meal served

Bible study @ 7pm
Meal served


The Gospel Mission or 'Pigeon Mission' as it is known by street people, is in many ways an old fashion mission.

Built in the 1889, the building is a typical brick two-story building (see picture on right) located in Gastown on the north side of a small park called 'Pigeon Square'. 

Both the park and surrounding buildings date back to the early years of Vancouver, B.C., which was originally, called 'Granville Town'. 

It's located on the second floor and there is a faded reminder of the buildings past painted on the side of it, that says,"Louvre Saloon, beds 20 cents". 

The mission is one of the oldest ones in Vancouver. 

The date of it being turned into a mission is sketchy, but I have spoken to people who have been coming there since the 40’s. 
The A.C.O.P. has had a mission in that area since 1929.

Gospel Mission - Heritage Plaque Presentation

In 2011, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation named 325-331 Carrall Street, where the Mission has been located since the 1940s, one of Vancouver's 125 "Places That Matter". On April 28, 2012, the VHF presented the plaque.

Places that matter video.