Yes, the Lord's Rain Showers are running again!

Originally started 10 years ago by a team led by pastors Barry Babcock and Drew Snider in response to an obvious need in the community for clean safe showering facilities. The scriptures teach that it's important to not only preach the Gospel, and pray, and worship...but to also seek to minister to the less spiritual and more mundane needs of people. To that end we provide freshly cooked hot meals, clothing, assistance and advice about accommodation, employment, and many other issues of life. Bodily cleanliness is an important aspect of this ministry. Over the years the showers were used over 11000 times! However, they eventually became worn and delapidated. So, in November 2016 the old showers were ripped out and work began to replace them with newly constructed facilities. These were built by Wesley and a group of faithful, hard-working volunteers, plus professional artisans who gave of their time and expertise to complete the shower booths, the plumbing, and the lighting. 

The new showers were eventually opened part time from March 2018. Hallelujah!

In order for this ministry to function properly the Mission Board has agreed to employ someone in a part-time capacity to supervise the team who will serve in the Lord's Rain. This will still only allow the showers to be open for a few hours from Tuesday through Friday. Extra funding is desperately needed to facilitate this ministry.