Mission Chaplain

Russell and Gerrie Chadwick

the new chaplain arrives!

Russell and Gerrie arrived in Vancouver 19th February 2017 to serve as the Chaplain of Gospel Mission. In this capacity he will be the ambassador of the Mission in Downtown Eastside (DTES) Vancouver. Together with Gerrie he'll enhance the profile and influence of the Mission in our immediate community...and also across greater Vancouver. 

Of course they will be very involved in the life and ministry at the Mission and will help to share the ministry load there. So you'll see them ministering in the Sunday services, and also in the evening services during the week...helping in any way they can.


their history

Russell was born in England and moved to South Africa in his teens. That was where he got saved, baptised, and filled with the Holy Spirit. That was also where he met Gerrie who is a South African lady from the Afrikaans community. They've been married over 40 years and have 5 married children and 10 grand-children.

They've been in ministry since 1978 and have pastored churches in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and England.

Just before moving to Vancouver they planted and pastored the Amazing Grace church in Bromley, London UK. Russell also served a group of 18 churches as the Bromley Town Chaplain for 7 years. In this capacity he ministered in all these churches and was a catalyst to enhance friendship and understanding between the different churches. He also launched and facilitated 'More Than Coffee' Bible study fellowships in a number of coffee shops, businesses, and the Council Offices across the town. He became a well known figure in the town engaging with people from many differing religious, ethnic, and social groups. One of his favourite meetings was 'More Than a Big Mac' outreach meeting Sunday nights in a MacDonald's restaurant!

Gerrie has her own wealth of experience to contribute. As a highly trained and experienced Early Learning educator she has been Principal of a Christian pre-school, and has taught in primary schools for many years. She also launched her own business 'Little Me Big You' which is baby and toddler development classes. Of course, in addition to her teaching experience, she has a vast amount of experience in church ministry.

The Chadwicks bring with them decades of experience in every aspect of church ministry. However, they recognise that the challenges and demands of ministry in DTES require fresh wisdom and special grace to meet the needs peculiar to this place at this time. Indeed we recognise that the power and the wisdom are all God's...and that we must decrease and that He must increase in and through us.


Russell and Gerrie

chaplaincy: thinking outside the box

Being a Chaplain is slightly different to being a Pastor.  

Essentially a Chaplain takes the dynamics of ministry outside the 'religious building', and though chaplains inevitably spend lots of time engaging with and ministering to the 'flock' of the local church...they seek to engage as much as possible with society 'outside the fold'.

Consequently Russell will be getting out and exploring the rich fabric of DTES, making friends, networking. Meeting business owners, managers, staff; residents in the local accomodation; getting to know people on the streets, many of whom are on the fringe of society.

Creating alliances, partnerships, networks ...to try to help and hopefully together we can achieve more than we would as separate individuals and organisations. 

vision and passion:

Definitely not 'church as usual'!

No bland, predictable, pedestrian, comfortable, convenient 'religious meetings'. 

We want to see men and women meeting with Almighty God. The God who specialises in saving the lost, restoring the broken, transforming us into His wonderful people!

Being a church which really is the light in the darkness and the salt in the soup! Jesus said 'Go into all the world' and we'll be doing exactly that. Taking His love out into a desperately needy world!

partnering with us:

Please pray for us!

We need great wisdom, boldness, gentleness, humility, grace, strength...and great favour everywhere we go!

Pray that our lives will make an impact for Jesus, and that we will see the Kingdom of God increasing in DTES.