Our New Home:

The Door Is Open (TDIO). 255 Dunlevy Avenue…facing onto Oppenheimer Park. What an upheava!. Any house move is traumatic…but we had been in 331 Carrall Street for 70 years!

Sadly, in our new shared space, we’ve not been able to continue running the Lord’s Rain Shower Ministry!

We’ve needed to find new resources of grace and wisdom to function in the facilities we now rent from the BC Catholic archbishopric, but that’s good for us. The challenges of fitting into new unfamiliar facilities has not been easy. Sadly some of our dearly loved Gospel Mission family have not made the transition with us, though some are still discovering where we are. It’s always a delight to see a familiar face out of our past.

We’ve enjoyed the challenge and opportunity to engage with the quite different and very colourful Oppenheimer Park tent community.

Watch this space for photos!